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The original Morse Code Music for Radio Communication!

Many Ham radio operators use Morse Code during their radio broadcasts. Thousands have used our method to learn or refresh their skills. If learning Morse code interests you, The Rhythm of the Code is the way to go!

The Rhythm of the Code is now available on compact disc. For your listening pleasure just click the link below and you can hear for yourself a sample of this amazing new code practice CD



The Rhythm of the CodeClick here to hear "The Rhythm of the Code" The original Morse Code Music!.

The Rhythm of the Code is a revolutionary new method of learning Morse code with music. We've combined our famous Version 1 and Version 2 to create this catchy musical rhythm with 43 Characters often used in ham radio broadcasts that will enable you to have loads of fun while learning. This is a lively musical CD and it will keep your brain energized and excited! You can learn code while doing aerobics, jogging or just sitting around enjoying yourself. Each Compact Disc jewel case includes simple instructions!

An independent research program has proved that students that use The Rhythm of the Code -Morse Code Music method have learned code in half the time as students that do not have the CD.Thousands of Ham radio operators have learned code with The Rhythm of the Code method - Get your copy today to unleash the awesome power of this PAK 1 CD and supercharge your brain!

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